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activation:fields Sensors

“Simple rules and models can produce and explain all complex behavior.” (Complex Systems Theory,1984 by Stephan Wolfram)

Sensors are simple, embedded devices that enable reading (and writing) that which otherwise cannot be seen. activation:fields will install a sensor network composed of 45 Simple Sensor Portals distributed throughout the site. The goal of the sensor network is to measure the quality, intensity and location of energy exchanges in environment in order to create and organize data that will be used to form and inform the activation:fields spaces and representations.

Sensors will capture simple environmental changes based on weather (temperature, wind, humidity), movement, light (quality, color, intensity)… They will be placed on the Bolinas site according to the geometry of the antenna fields. Each sensor, mounted on pan/tilt platform, has an array of sensors, as well as audio and video capabilities. The sensors and an 802.15.4 radio are mounted on a card which can be connected directly to a wireless network for standalone operation.

These devices can also be used to support efforts in Mixed Reality, where events in the real world drive phenomena in a virtual environment that are unconstrained by time, space, or physics. For example, the environment can have a related representation in a SecondLife-like synthetic world. The virtual portals can reveal the presence or changes in the environment — ghosts, the presence of life, while preserving the anonymity of identity. A trace in the virtual portal space will also reflect activity near a real-world sensor (a thicker trace indicates more activity). The virtual portals also extend in time – virtual world visitors can look at video in the past by touching on the screens that are further back in the virtual portal view.

Privacy protocols on these devices are strictly maintained so users remain in full control of the content captured by them and manage how it is rendered to other users by the servers.

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