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‘Kind of Blue’

This postcard is the first in a series of frameworks that will be used to measure and observe the territory.
‘Kind of Blue’ has been borrowed non-contextually from the title of the 1959 jazz album by Miles Davis.

A Cyanometer is a simple tool used to measure the intensity of blue in the sky. It will reveal the multitude of colors that compose the sky’s continually changing configuration. Color is an optical effect dependent on the quantity of water vapor suspended in the atmosphere.

This simple tool is a way to see the environment that surrounds us differently. It is also a way to capture and create Data about this environment. This data will be used to form and inform the activation:fields project.

Cyanometer designed by Building w/immaterials, click to zoom


1. Bend the perforations to carefully remove the card’s center. This will create an opening through which you can observe the sky and identify its actual color.

2. Facing North, hold the Cyanometer up to the sky.

3. Match the color of the sky with one of the Cyanometer’s color swatches.

4. In the table below, note the date, time and color index of the sky. This will form the first layer of the activation:fields database.

Cyanometer designed by Building w/immaterials, click to zoom

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