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There’s a Glitch in Bolinas

image by Building w/immaterials, click to zoom

A glitch is a malfunction or irregularity in the expected functioning of a machine, device or process. Glitch art (and artists) “tweak technology and causes either hardware or software to sputter, fail, misfire or otherwise wig out.”[1]
“Because the tools used in this style of music (and art) embody advanced concepts of digital signal processing, their usage by glitch artists tends to be based on experimentation rather than empirical investigation… The medium is no longer the message in glitch music: the tool has become the message.”[2]

The distinction between nature — that which is born, versus culture — that which is made, has become less meaningful in a world of genetic modification & climate control. Perhaps the contemporary distinction should be between environments that are controlled, versus those that are beyond controlactivation:fields will work (and play) with the fragile tension/equilibrium between nature & technology as it is manifest on the site.

The site is located near Bolinas, California.

[1] The Glitch READER[R0R] (pdf)
[2] The Aesthetics of Failure: “Post-Digital” by Kim Cascone (link)

Link to the activation:fields project page.

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