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Build It and They Will Come to Bolinas

image by Building w/immaterials, click to zoom

The project’s interface consists of hardware & software[1] to mediate the territory’s forces and energy. It simultaneously captures & represents the forces, auras & connexions omni-present in this “territory intense.”[2activation:fields is an expression of this intensity; its goal is to invest the site with meaning. Layers of information — data, visualizations[3], simulations[4] — are superposed back onto the landscape to reveal its forgotten past, obscure present & imminent future.

[0] The postcard’s title, ‘Build it and they will come…’, is borrowed from the 1989 film based on the W. P. Kinsella novel, ‘Field of Dreams‘.
[1] An example of the hardware & software developed by Building w/immaterials
[2] refer to the project ‘Intense Space‘ by Building w/immaterials
[3] References for visualizations
[4] Explanation of immersive visualization and simulation.

Link to the activation:fields project page.
The site is located near Bolinas, California.

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