flagyl urine odor

Venise Reload

Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa
Sestiere Dorsoduro, 2826
30123 Venezia, Italy

An installation, a project creating a singular space, engaging a base, a reinforcement of devices and techno-logical machine making: a space whose foundation is an architecture of systems.
Information is the raw material of this project.
It is prepared by a network made up of machines and connections between them. This material is transformed by its machines and transforms them through the movement of information,
organized in a DataFlow structure. A material that is confronted with an atmosphere, the ambient space and its limits, (wall, windows, doors,) supported by a Projection. Light is filtered and redirected with a device made to refract light. It is not a question of screens or the support necessary to receive the projected images, but an image which can be received ubiquitously.
The figure is produced simultaneously by the light of projection and by the materiality of the space receiving it. The materiality of receiving space reacts, and this reaction reformulates its form, projection arrives and shows the space’s substance until its disappearance into the atmosphere’s materiality.

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