flagyl urine odor

Sinuous Space

La Briqueterie
Rue Robert Degert
94400 Vitry-sur-Seine

The installation consists of an aggregation of branches occupying the space. Supported by compression, entanglement and interweaving, the boughs are simultaneously that which supports and that which is supported.
The installation space is a paradoxical inversion of the exhibition space: as its limits were invaded by the this sinuous matter, the movement through its core become the true protagonist.
The consistency of the sinuous material solidifies the space as its limits are spread and diluted. But the center of this solid space emanates from the networks that are created by moving through it. The difference between the varying spatial densities is articulated by the path that is inscribed from the body’s passage, a trace which precedes this movement.
It is as if the body moved towards a place that awaited it. Rather than limits between mass and void, the cracks in the continuity of this dense space are the furrows caused by the displacement that is still to come.

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