flagyl urine odor

Intense Space

Centro Cultural Recoleta
Junín 1930
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
(0)11 4803 1040

The installation space is supersaturated by the presence of a plurality of membranes which diffuse from floor to ceiling. Fabricated from translucent plastic film, they are stretched between tensile steel wire. The higher edges are suspended from the ceiling, while a series of counterweights secure the lower edges. Suffuse with these translucent membranes deployed throughout the room, the resulting space is palpable and diaphanous one from which intensity emanates from a luminous tension. These membranes are atmospheric veils through which the body’s movement produces an image in space, or rather– transforms space into image.
By traversing the installation, the changing luminosity which impregnates the materiality of the membranes envelopes the body and produces an image not yet perceived by the senses.

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