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Versailles Contemporary Art Center

It’s a question of establishing an interaction between three types of space, digital machine produced space, installation space and natural or modified landscape.

  1. Digital device: binary units + self generating algorithms for a   space generating device.
  2. Installation device,  work on space substance, atmosphere density, in order to give it a crystalline visibility.
  3. Landscape device: water, ground, wind, fire.


Not a work in progress, but rather a project based on continuity and development, a process that makes it possible to elaborate the nexus of virtual, installation and landscape as objects of cognition.


Open processes of interactivity with the capacity to oscillate. The three components of this interaction will be the machines themselves:

  • The numerical device, (computers) produce a parallel environment composed of living things and beings that interact.
  • The spatial device (installation) functions by augmenting the density of space to produce image-bodies.
  • The territorial device (landscape) is to effectuate atmospheric transformations.


It is a question, in our research, to operate with the most basic elements, from the infinitely small, the impalpable, and elusive components of matter, the pixel or the atmospheric particle. In the interactions that we establish, all three elements will be both a receptor as well as a transmitter.


  1. Computer
    IN: random(isable) data
    OUT: autonomous data (artificial life)
  2. Installation
    IN: atmospheric data, air light
    OUT: fabrication of the infinitely small, the recyclable
  3. Landscape
    IN: flashes, swirls
    OUT: extraction of infinitely small


Space Genetically Modified, we will try to fuses the leaves and the branches of trees with the clouds in the sky, filtering the light from above and masking the noise from below, always in resonance with natural elements, from which space is genetically modified

Downloadable: [Installations]

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