flagyl urine odor

Corporal Image

La Maréchalerie – Centre d’Art Contemporain
5 Avenue de Sceaux
78000 Versailles

Is this installation an [body]image, or a space simply containing images of the body? Thanks to digital media, images can be diffused and fused with the material composition of space, incarnating it so that body is image (and image is body), its figuration ubiquitous and resounding in the material and experiential aspect of the installation space.
A network of folded, inflatable structures suspended from above, at first presents a transparent wall which one can penetrate. It is a question of the space’s density; profuse and condense. It has a crystalline quality through which digital light is projected to interact and transform from material-form to material- image, a receptive medium fused with its substance. Shape and form move with the suspended mass; a suspended body is adumbrated in space. The colors, lights and forms are superimposed and refracted not to create a vague background noise but to indicate direction; not to instill obscurity, but to project a powerful image of the body in suspension.

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