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Building Fragile Places

Our article, Building Fragile Places was just published in the review eCAADe 2011, Respecting Fragile Places. The paper was also presented in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 20th of October, 2011 as a contribution to the eCAADe conference.

“eCAADe (Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) is a non-profit making association of institutions and individuals with a common interest in promoting good practice and sharing information in relation to the use of computers in research and education in architecture and related professions. eCAADe was founded in 1983.”

The paper explores the hypothesis that Mixed Reality is a differentiated media and credible framework for the generation, fabrication and communication of projects that are explicitly engaged in design research. This will be shown through a critical presentation of three built and unbuilt projects by Building w/immaterials in the domains of architecture, installation and education. These projects will demonstrate the creative and theoretical application of Mixed Reality from within the differentiated social system of Architecture. While the majority of research into Mixed Reality seems to concern its technical aspects, we will explore its application as a creative system for project development, realization and diffusion.

You can download the full article here> Building Fragile Places : Mixed Reality as an architectural platform.

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