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Avatars are the spatial embodiment of virtual world network participants. They are, in fact, more than a simple digital representation endowed with movement and voice, they are composed of three elements : an agent, the client’s presence within a simulator; an avatar, the visual representation of an agent; and a camera, through which an agent sees the world.

These 3 elements permit me to perceive, interact and communicate in spatial, natural and social environments. But taken together, these otherwise local, simple and omni-functioning elements have one essential, global ambition: to represent Me, and to make tangible my point of view. It is thanks to the fundamental engagement between agent (individual) and simulator (context), that I exist. The body in a virtual world is the result of the tension between the individual agent and the world’s simulator; where, if we substitute the term simulator (or sim) with territory, then “I” am defined by the tension between the sensory limits of my SL agent and the territories that I occupy at any given moment. My agent becomes both my reactive and receptive nervous system to capture external stimuli, and my connection to the consensual, communal spaces of this virtual territory.

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