flagyl urine odor


[Third_I]land is a limited series of five inworld builds (or atmospheres) for collectors of Mixed Reality works of art. Described as a “metaversal machine for the generation of real images from virtual worlds” (Kligerman & Mehdaoui, 2008), the five inworld spaces are capable of projecting unique atmospheres that are intended to be used as the immersive content for both permanent and temporary large scale installations. The work can be experienced from both Real World digital devices and from within the private virtual environment that is its primary media. This Mixed Reality work of art is designed to facilitate your access to its inworld environments and offer a multitude of viewing possibilities for home, gallery, festival or installation settings, and is capable of being piloted on personal computers and mobile devices. Four custom modules are coordinated from within an intuitive user interface and compose the [Third_I]land :

[Third_I]land = [Third_A]vatar + [Third_S]pace + [Third_E]ye + [Third_D]evice

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