flagyl urine odor


[Third_D]evice is as a small cube placed in each [Third_I]land atmosphere; it is the seed that determines [Third_I]land‘s incipient qualities and dynamic evolution from:

  1. one of five coherent, graphically rich spatial atmospheres; to
  2. a dense and intense media ecosystem; to
  3. a mutant territory of hybrid, immaterial sensation caused by unpremeditated dynamic transformation.

It contains the essential code that defines the physical, material parameters of each atmosphere and controls their evolution according to genetic algorithms exponentially unfolding across space and time. During this metamorphosis, [Third_D]evice, the object, is also transformed —morphing from a seemingly inanimate primitive into a sculpted form expressive of [Third_I]land‘s evolution. The progressive evolution of [Third_S]pace is captured and represented through the evolving plasticity of [Third_D]evice; after three years of continuous self transformation, [Third_S]pace is replaced by a burgeoning [Third_D]evice.
The process results in [Third_I]land‘s culmination as an expression of our epoch’s technical potential —the transformation of immaterials into materials —virtual into physical— changing a dynamic, unstable atmosphere into a physically stable object. The work’s ultimate achievement is the fabrication of the sculpted [Third_D]evice by a networked 3-D printer and its delivery to the [Third_I]land collector, thus, its conclusion.

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