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SIZIGIA [Sizigia.net]

The SIZIGIA project is perhaps best described (due to its inherent complexity and long (ongoing) duration) by depicting each of the four worlds (or material states) in which it is simultaneously present:

Sizigia.net: SIZIGIA becomes a laboratory for digital experimentation and representational practices, an interface, a place of reunion for inworld users, a platform for further questioning of the potential of this virtual environment. Neither isolated technologies nor homogeneous solution, but a multiplicity of spatial (building, sculpture…), artistic (image, video, sound…) and social (social networking, meeting, collaboration…) tools.

[Intro] – [Frontera Coroza, Mexico] – [Sizigia Island, Second Life] – [Frontera Augmented, Google Earth] – [Sizigia.net] – [Scapes] – [Platform] – [Instantiations]

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