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SIZIGIA [Scapes]

A vocabulary of scapes forms virtual territories, transformed from boundless, amorphous, and flowing, into the building blocks of contemporary imagined worlds. The spaces of SIZIGIA are dynamic and unstable, rather than static and finished; this volatility, rather than being a vulnerability, is its force, an act of resistance confronting the mercurial pressures that make up its tenuous existence perched between physical and virtual worlds. Building Identity-States and not a State identity (Kligerman & Mehdaoui, 2007) describes the simulacra necessary to prepare this complex spatial and social organization and facilitate its role as a liminal territory capable of spanning borders, connecting divergent media, ideologies, material states and distant environments.

[Intro] – [Frontera Coroza, Mexico] – [Sizigia Island, Second Life] – [Frontera Augmented, Google Earth] – [Sizigia.net] – [Scapes] – [Platform] – [Instantiations]

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