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LIMINAL Reality [Projection – 2]

A second projection screen, the built object, had unabashedly ambitious (and ambiguous) formal and spatial objectives. It was designed and fabricated for scale and size of the installation space. This object was assembled from thousands of Paris metro tickets (heavy paper rectangles 66mm x 30mm) suspended from almost invisible metal rods (or piano wire) and hung from the ceiling at the installation’s visual center. This object functioned on two scales: a) locally, the individual tickets acted like pixels, capturing the projected light and thus coloring and animating them, dematerializing their primary function (offering access to the urban local mass transportation infrastructure) and deconstructing the homogenous scale of the projected image; and, b) globally, an amorphous (though tangible) form floated in and within the projected image, animated by the dynamically changing scene. By moving through the installation, the image was subject to a kaleidoscope-like effect when seen projected against the object due to the projection striking the metro tickets/pixels oriented at different angles to the two projectors. The projected image was constructed and deconstructed by this effect.

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