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SIZIGIA [Platform]

SIZIGIA envisions its statehood spanning between “real structures and virtual developments. The virtual entity in question is the synthetic world, SL, a massively multi-player online (MMO) community: not a game, but a creative platform. Beyond simple 3-dimensional rendering with text, it is a geographically limitless and autonomous territory subject to coherent laws of physics and geometry that render a global immersive atmosphere that is its dominant quality. This global atmosphere paradoxically encourages the elaboration of local communities and adaptive ecosystems, made possible by the persistence of object and identity”.

[Intro] – [Frontera Coroza, Mexico] – [Sizigia Island, Second Life] – [Frontera Augmented, Google Earth] – [Sizigia.net] – [Scapes] – [Platform] – [Instantiations]

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