flagyl urine odor


  • Astronomical, “the point at which a planet or moon is directly in line with the Earth and the Sun.” [wikipedia] ;
  • Literary, Sizigias y otras cuadraturas lunares, an 18th century science fiction novel by the Yucatec Franciscan monk Manuel Antonio de Rivas, banned during the Inquisition; and,
  • a Project, whose territories & connexions, artifacts & edifices, spaces & infrastructures facilitate a site-specific autonomous zone, a laboratory for “explicit socio-imaginary confluences.” SIZIGIA intentionally spans between two nodes : a physical site —an island in the middle of the Usumacinta River near the small village, Frontera Corozal in Chiapas, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala; and, an immersive space on Sizigia_Island, Second Life, where place and location have been transfigured to “symbolic status,” mapped and projected to favor the colonization of a sustainable virtual environment for radical experimentation.

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