flagyl urine odor


The SIZIGIA project began with an open competition to develop a Mixed Reality public space for the contemporary art collective Laboratorio Curatorial 060: “transforming the conventionally passive role of the cultural apparatus from one that invents meaning, into an instrument capable of eliciting it through action and interaction”. SIZIGIA is a project whose territories & networks, artifacts & edifices, spaces & infrastructures facilitate site-specific autonomous zones, a laboratory for “explicit socio-imaginary confluences”. The project’s conceptual and technical context was defined by the curators to be “situated between actual structures and virtual developments”. The objectives of this ongoing project are to :

  • elaborate the physical (architectural), inworld (virtual) and online (web site) spaces for each world;
  • create an articulation (technical, international) between those worlds from within the project; and,
  • develop the infrastructure for LC060’s Artists-in-Residency program.

The SIZIGIA project is perhaps best described (due to its inherent complexity and long (ongoing) duration) by depicting each of the four worlds (or material states) in which it is simultaneously present:

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