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SIZIGIA [Instantiations]

Sizigia.net – ECOSYSTEM : the conceptual and technical elaboration of four environments that compose the project’s media ecosystem — Frontera Island, on the Usumacinta River, Chiapas Mexico; Sizigia_Island, Second Life, Siziga_augmented, Google Earth; and, Sizigia.net— and the network protocols —technological, social and cultural— that connect them. Through the fabrication of a robust, interoperable network infrastructure, the project is capable of articulating and enabling real-time feedback loops for the exchange of data-points (quality, quantity, localization), data-objects (media, activation) and knowledge between a remote physical site (Frontera Corozal, Chiapas) and a hyper-accessible immersive space (Sizigia_Island.SL). The network infrastructure is composed of an augmented geospatial mash-up (Google Earth + Sizigia_Island, SL) and a cloud server (sizigia.net) mediating between the two spatial nodes.

Frontera Corozal – INSTALLATION : artists invited to work in the small village of Frontera Corozal, creating a series of artistic in-situ installations to invoke the tradition and the local population, an opportunity to open up a dialogue about borders between central authority and remote independence. Both research-project and project-research into frontiers and territories “exposed to scarce media attention, but capable of invoking feelings of freedom, fantasy and poetry.”

Transitio_MX – FESTIVAL : questions concerning the “reflection and analysis over the concept of community started from its problematization: the community is a zone of conflict which, previously and subsequently to the social contract, is nourished from the pact of the tribe with itself, from the encounter of the tribe with other tribes, and from the symbolic and technical production with which these pacts and encounters are carried out: war, civilization… and its contradiction.”

Sizigia_Island.SL – IDENTITY-STATES : The project to design and build this hybrid community (Building w/Immaterials) architects & artists, researchers & builders from Paris, France. « Identity-states (and not a State identity) » summarizes their ideas about community building at the dawning of the age of the metaverse. “The territories of Sizigia will be marked by the instantiation of Identity-states [and not a State Identity] determining the forms, forces and spaces defining its extents.”

Frontera Corozal – MAPPING : A filmmaker, a photographer and a cartographer worked closely together to fix an inventory of the environmental assets and topographical information of the physical site —mapped, photographed and geographically representing its natural resources.

Siziga_augmented – MAPPING : a mash-up of Google Earth + Sizigia_Island, SL to produce a high resolution mirror world. Second Life is used to compensate for the economic realities that create geospatial hinterlands. A satellite deployed in Second Life photographs the inworld territory of Sizigia and imports a grid of images into Google Earth to augment its visibility on the global geospatial networks. Sizigia becomes accessible either from the virtual world of Second Life or from the geospatial globe of Google Earth.

Sizigia_Island.SL – MAPPING : From this information emerged a synthetic environment, a representation relying on the complex threshold between —real & virtual, symbolism & representation, materials & information, fabrication & communication— and, necessitating the development of an adequate graphical, spatial environment to express not only the site’s physical characteristics, but also its atmospheric qualities.

Sizigia_Island.SL – BIOSPHERE : The emergence of the litho- and hydro- spheres of the site emerged from a dense vegetal volume floating in dynamic stasis over the river. Rejecting the use of static objects to approximate the characteristics of a forrest canopy, the inworld particle system was modified, coded and distributed as an adequate representation of the laden foliage and ethereal clouds floating above the swiftly moving river —the environment’s biomass, an informational infrastructure infusing this organic canopy with images of art and virtual life.

Sizigia_Island.SL – INSTALLATION : Artists work that had been recently commissioned by Labo060 for the exhibition Frontera, was both represented and augmented by their installation on Sizigia Island, Second Life, and its presentation in this new context for festival viewers. Festival attendees were also encouraged to visit the inworld space, embodied as avatars and participating in the spectacle. It is not a question of colonizing new worlds, but of developing the means to inhabit a multiplicity of territories by oscillating between them, generating an emergent mixed-reality.

Sizigia[TAZ] – PERFORMANCE : Artists, invited to participate in the formation of Sizigia[TAZ] by creating projects within a unique ecosystem designed by and for the Sizigia autonomous zone. The Sizigia[TAZ] will be fabricated from both the creative forces inherent to this ecosystem (physical and material coherence, synthesis, osmosis, growth, emergence…) as well as by its atrophic ones (decay, deconstruction, analysis, change…).

Sizigia[TAZ] – FESTIVAL : installations opening windows between two worlds: an art world (the FESTIVAL) on one hand, and a virtual world (Sizigia Island, Second Life) on the other. The link between these two worlds is the heterogenous loops of space and information : Real images from virtual worlds.

meta[REZ] – ARTIST-IN[WORLD]-RESIDENCE : redefining and refined for virtual worlds, an inworld residency became the synthesis of the three historical stages of an artists-in-residence programs —escape (from the quotidian), immersion (in a strange, inspiring environment) and a nomadic (mobility) experiences.

meta[REZ] = RESIDENCE + GAME-PLAY :  The convergence of Game-play + an Artist-in-Residence = meta[REZ], activating artists by providing a social and physical context for their work in a unique media ecosystem called Sizigia. A project for the emergence of a new kind of social media based on real-time collaboration in a spatially persistent ecosystem. A platform (best described as trans-media) technically and socially capable of facilitating simultaneous project development in Mirror worlds, Virtual worlds, Real worlds and Server space, supporting the development of diverse types of projects –media art, mixed-reality spaces, sound and video performance…

Frontera Corozal – EQUILIBRIUM : A consensual sentiment arose amongst the artists in[world] residence to re-engage the project’s physical, material and territorial antecedents on the banks of the Usumacinta River by following the network loop to its logical (or illogical) conclusion. Thus, planning has begun for the development of the Frontera site : construction of the edifices necessary to —reside, fabricate and diffuse
SIZIGIA’s work from the Mexican border. Instead of employing the traditional design process of problem/solution to compose material/form, the site’s buildings, structures and spaces will be adapted from the inworld generative process of time/usage, force/flux, material/resistance. Material world space and form are to be built from the consequence of inworld usage patterns.

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