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SIZIGIA [Frontera Augmented, Google Earth]

The SIZIGIA project is perhaps best described (due to its inherent complexity and long (ongoing) duration) by depicting each of the four worlds (or material states) in which it is simultaneously present:

Frontera Augmented (Google Earth): SIZIGIA, SL is used to compensate for the economic realities that create geospatial hinterlands. Frontera, when viewed using Google Earth, not intelligible as a territorial entity. Using a web application hybrid (see Glossary) of Google Earth + Sizigia Island, SL, a high resolution mirror world (see Glossary) was fabricated. A program made to act like a satellite was deployed in SL to photograph the inworld territory of SIZIGIA and import a grid of images into Google Earth to augment its visibility on the global geospatial networks. SIZIGIA becomes accessible either from the virtual world of SL or from the geospatial globe of Google Earth.

[Intro] – [Frontera Coroza, Mexico] – [Sizigia Island, Second Life] – [Frontera Augmented, Google Earth] – [Sizigia.net] – [Scapes] – [Platform] – [Instantiations]

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