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SIZIGIA [Sizigia Island, SL]

The SIZIGIA project is perhaps best described (due to its inherent complexity and long (ongoing) duration) by depicting each of the four worlds (or material states) in which it is simultaneously present:

Sizigia Island (Second Life): For the second stage of the project, Frontera Coroza was photographed and mapped, its geographic and visual characteristics were qualified and quantified in order to facilitate their representation through other media. A film maker, a topographer and a photographer worked together closely together, trying to fix an inventory of environmental assets and cartographic views on this territory. Using this information, a digital model of its topography was built into the virtual world of Second Life, were its development as a “site specific autonomous zone and experimental bio-engineering-through-art project” (Wolf, Morales & Toscano, 2008) was carried out. The project strove to build a creative ecosystem for artists’ to work with new media on the threshold between: real/virtual, symbolism/representation, materials/information. This necessitated the development of an adequate graphical, spatial modalities of representation in order to express the site’s physical and atmospheric characteristics. The work of the twelve artists commissioned for Frontera Coroza were now rebuilt in the new, virtual context; the art will now be experienced using an avatar’s senses of perception and sensation (Figure 2). “It is not a question of colonizing new worlds, but of developing the means to inhabit a multiplicity of territories by oscillating between them, generating a new, Mixed Reality” (Kligerman & Mehdaoui, 2008).

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