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SIZIGIA [Frontera Coroza, Mexico]

The SIZIGIA project is perhaps best described (due to its inherent complexity and long (ongoing) duration) by depicting each of the four worlds (or material states) in which it is simultaneously present:

Frontera Coroza (Chiapas, Mexico): Work began with the physical site of SIZIGIA Island, in the Usumacinta River on the frontier between Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala  in 2007 [10]. The collective of artists and curators, LC060 commissioned twelve artists to live, fabricate and install their work in the village of Frontera Coroza. They attempted to establish a technical and cultural economy based on artistic production in an otherwise distant territory, more than 1000km from Mexico City. LC060’s long term intentions were to develop a sustainable association of artists, building the physical infrastructure necessary to house an ongoing Artists-in-Residence program. The invited artists invoked the tradition and the local population and were given an opportunity to open up a dialogue about the fragility of existence living, working literally on the border between central authority and remote independence, where artists were “exposed to scarce media attention, but capable of invoking feelings of freedom, fantasy and poetry” (Wolf, Morales & Toscano, 2008).

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