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REZ/FAB/REV [Synthesis]

REZ/FAB/REV is REZzing a complex digital model and FABricating it through the accumulation of successive material layers, a process through which its meaning can be REVealed. The REZ/FAB/REV Mixed Reality infrastructure is a computational machine for the synthesis of project input data  (movement, attention, interaction…) emitted from virtual worlds and social networks. This information serves to generate a 3-dimensional sculptural form whose specific material qualities (color, transparency, thickness…) suggested the object’s formal qualities, whose geometry was transcoded according to industry specifications, interpreted as a physical object and fabricated by a digital printer according to these material properties.

The idea of synthesizing 3-dimensional geometric information was adapted from the practices of sound and video synthesis, where electronic signal produce sound or image data. Synthesis types (additive, subtractive, FM modulation…) describe the precise combinatory operations. For the REZ/FAB/REV project, Building w/immaterials built and programmed its own software based synthesizers using the Pure Data platform of audio and video synthesis, transforming its output into constructable 3-dimensional geometry. The information drawn by the Pure Data synthesizer is converted from digital geometric models into vectorized graphics and printable paths and sent to the Dini digital fabricator to be printed.

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