flagyl urine odor

REZ/FAB/REV [Stratification]

Another metaphor used to characterize REZ/FAB/REV is stratification, describing the additive sculptural process of the project’s material artefact. During the fabrication process, successive layers of material (1mm thick) are being drawn while previous layers are being printed. The object’s form is created from a slow but deliberate accumulation of successive layers, its final form is both an expression of this stratification process, and of the global shape of the object. “In the asynchronous nature of social computing, time has become a threshold or window rather than a moment to moment, conception” (Applin & Fischer, 2011).

By integrating virtual objects into actual spaces, writing the visual, spatial memory of the project’s creation and inventing the symbolic and material possibilities for the project’s continuity, the installation is a Mixed Reality experience created from heterogeneous loops of space and information.

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