flagyl urine odor


REZ: To rez, in the context of contemporary 3-D multi-user environments, is to create or to make an object appear. Rezzing an object (or prim, short for primitive object) can be done by dragging a pre-existing object from a database or creating a new object using the inworld creation tools. REZ also signifies the RESident artists of the SIZIGIA community (artists working in a media ecosystem in a 3-D virtual world, see SIZIGIA), resident artists who, through delocalized collaboration, are engaged in the creation of a synthetic sculptural form for this project, digitally generated from interactions (movement, data) captured from : the inworld space (Sizigia Island, SL) and the actual gallery space in Gijón, Spain. This data serves as parameters for the synthesis of two interlocking surfaces of increasingly complex geometric articulation that have co-evolved over time (See Synthesis).

Links=> [Intro] – [REZ] – [FAB] – [REV] – [Synthesis] – [Stratification]

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