flagyl urine odor


REZ/FAB/REV is a proposal by Building w/immaterials for projects “which combine an installation dimension and a virtual dimension” for LABoral, an “exhibition center for art, science, technology and advanced visual industries… a venue for artistic and technological production, research investigation and training and for the dissemination of new forms of art and industrial creation.”

The project creates a techno/cultural nexus between immersive spatial environments, social networks, augmented realities, digital fabrication and event-based art. Its objective is to create a Machine (hardware, software, network) capable of generating [REZ] and fabricating [FAB] an in-situ sculptural object revealing [REV] the social, technical and economic conditions of Network Society.

Links=> [REV] – [FAB] – [REV] – [Synthesis] – [ Stratification]


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