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FAB: Digital FABrication is the production of material objects from a 3-dimensional digital model. The formal properties of the model (geometric, material, spatial…) will be used to describe and fabricate the sculptural object and articulate the installation space. The installation’s sculptural component is fabricated in-situ, using the DINI d_shape 3-D layering printer (a large scale 3D printer capable of fabricating complex generative geometric form from 3D models). The REZ/FAB/REV installation mirrors the incremental process of the sculptural object’s fabrication (by the d_shape 3-D printer) as its formal, tectonic expression, based on the temporal framework of digital fabrication. The passage of time, from a) the incipient inworld collaboration, b) the emergence of the digital model, c) the generation of the object’s growing geometry, to its e) layer by layer fabrication, is expressed as a material visualization of form, detail, texture and material through the fabricated object.

Links=> [Intro] – [REZ] – [FAB] – [REV] – [Synthesis] – [Stratification]

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