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LIMINAL Reality [Windows Between Worlds]

LIMINAL Reality opened a window between two worlds: technically between a physical world and a virtual world, and metaphorically between an art world (a specific milieu of digital art in Paris) and the artists immersive environment (on the Sizigia Island, Second Life). Its Mixed Reality infrastructure permitted the creation of multiple points of view for both simultaneous (albeit asynchronous) interaction in each world, through their representation as polyvalent, spatially compatible, creative environments. By obfuscating the distance and differences between them using this infrastructure, the project became a “a device based on a triple duality of context (real/virtual), process (immersion/ emergence), manufacturing (active/passive). This autopoietic system is both a reading machine, a window, and a decoding grid, between the real and virtual worlds. Using this to reveal its unconscious, the project is also a protocol to reconstitute data, a generator of network connections and a cultural accelerator.” (Balzerani, 2008)

Links=> [Intro] – [Projection-1] – [Projection-2] – [Images] – [Windows Between Worlds] – [Immersion] – [Atmosphere]

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