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LIMINAL Reality [Projection – 1]

Images were projected both into a remarkable gallery space (Door Studios in the 11è arrondissement of Paris) and onto a singular physical object. The object in question  served as both projection screen, sculptural form. The space allotted by the curators was tangent to the gallery’s entrance and central to the exhibit’s organization. The large open space (10m x 10m x 5m) was framed by two perpendicular walls, the size of the projected images and built objects had to reflect both this centrality and the scale of the installations space. The corners of the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the projection space were curved, thus obfuscating the articulation between walls, ceiling and floor, and produced a smooth space. Two projectors were suspended from the ceiling, each facing one of the two walls. The projected images were coordinated so as to project one continuous image across the walls, ceiling and floor of the space, filling it with color, form and movement.

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