flagyl urine odor

LIMINAL Reality [Immersion]

The installation’s ambition was not to create a totally immersive experience (like a Disney World amusement), whose goal is the suspension of disbelief until the virtual  becomes real. But rather, to test the resilience of the immersive experience, not as a technical feat, but rather: immersion as a “social product… at the intersection of place and time” (Boellstorff, 2008). Our approach was to assume that everything about this installation was an absolute expression of reality, and that the conscious suspension of belief (not disbelief) was in fact, the ultimate act of resistance. Although the engagement between art world/virtual world, artist/observer, play/work seems fragile, this fragility was a deliberate component of the project’s fabrication.

Links=> [Intro] – [Projection-1] – [Projection-2] – [Images] – [Windows Between Worlds] – [Immersion] – [Atmosphere]

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