flagyl urine odor

LIMINAL Reality [Images]

The image in question was captured from the virtual environment of SIZIGIA (see chapter, SIZIGIA Project Description). A virtual camera interactively flew through this synthetic environment, framing its multitude of spaces and objects, colors and sounds and projecting them in real-time into the real world installation space. The camera’s path, velocity and orientation, was both algorithmically predetermined and interactively modifiable by the installation’s visitors. Content in this inworld (see Glossary) environment was both prebuilt (by the SIZIGIA community, see chapter SIZIGIA) and interactively triggered (inworld image, video and sound databases). Thus, the images projected from this virtual environment were both recognizable (through repeating patterns of space and form) but always unique (due to ever changing camera parameters, content elaboration and virtual world atmospheric conditions like time of day…).

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